Taskforce Faculty Development

The Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) offers MUMC+ staff a variety of activities to help them fulfil their educational and teaching responsibilities in the best possible way.The programme is designed to meet the requirements of educational practice at FHML, but individual needs will also be attended to. 

Activities are mainly conducted in small groups with educational methods that are interactive and varied. Participation in one of the educational tracks will be recorded in the faculty’s education file. A number of our courses have accreditation for general continuing education requirements. All courses are offered in the English language.

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Short tracks

Longitudinal tracks

Tracks tailored to individuals or special groups


Courses in Dutch:




In consultation with the Taskforce Faculty Development, tracks can be developed that meet the specific wishes of individual teachers or teams of teachers (such as departments, block planning groups) or guidance can be provided for curriculum innovation projects.

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Phone: +31 43 38 85751/85744/85782
Email: doc-prof-fhml@maastrichtuniversity.nl