Taskforce Student Assessment

The Taskforce Student Assessment is a multidisciplinary group within the Department of Educational Development and Research at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML). The group consists of academic staff and support staff. The mission of the Taskforce Student Assessment is to support the design, the quality assurance and innovation of assessment within the educational programmes at FHML: Health Sciences (HS), Medicine (M, including ITM and the Physician-Clinical Investigator programme) and Biomedical Sciences (BS).

Activities cover the following areas

  1. Quality assurance of assessment and test materials before and after test administration (e.g. design of assessment programmes and tests for educational units/courses/clinical clerkships; review of test materials; test analysis; consultancy and support in improvement c.q. innovation of assessment programmes).
  2. Support in test construction and administration.
  3. Research (to support policy on assessment and education).
  4. Advice and consultancy (e.g. educational management; examination board).
  5. Training (teachers, students, assessors, examiners, etc.).
  6. Knowledge dissemination (e.g. participation in (inter)national advisory committees; workshops; lectures; etc.).

Target group
Main target groups are teachers, students, teacher teams (e.g. block planning groups), examination boards, educational committees and educational management c.q. programme directors. The taskforce is divided into sections, each serving specific assessments or assessment programmes.

Composition Taskforce Email adresses contact persons
Chair Taskforce  Marjan Govaerts
Vice chair  Cees van der Vleuten
Coordinator Assessment Health  Annemieke den Boer
Coordinator Assessment  Biomedical Sciences  Herman Popeijus
Coordinator Assessment  Bachelor Programme Medicine  Joost Dijkstra / Herman Popeijus
Coordinator Assessment  Master Programme Medicine  Marjan Govaerts / Henny Beckers / Roger Rennenberg
Progress test committee M (VBC)  Bert Schutte / Judith van den Brink
Computerised Case-based assessment M (CCT)  Joost Dijkstra / Herman Popeijus / Germiek van der Worp
OSCE committee M (SBC)  Marjo Hoogendorp-Franssen / Desirée Bronckers / Margriet Brorens
Professional Behaviour Medicine  Walther van Mook / Marij Fey / Sophie Deckers
Portfolio Medicine  Henny Peeters / Erik Driessen / Desirée Bronckers
Psychometrics (support and advice)  Arno Muijtjens

Contact person ITM 

 Mascha Verheggen
Contact person Physician-Clinical investigator programme (A-KO)  Sylvia Heeneman